Personal notes from the New Atlantis workshop at Rochester on April 8, 2024

Disclaimer: These is a typed out version of the handwritten notes the author made during New Atlantis Conference in Rochester, NY. The author does not claim the accuracy of these notes to be 100% true. Please use your own inner judgement and critical thinking. Some images and graphs may not be identical to those seen at the conference. The content of the notes is NOT an exact match to what Cobra spoke about. There may be mishearing, handwriting errors, or omissions in the process. Questions regarding the contents of this document will not be accepted.

Author's note: We are raising funds to plant Galactic Cintamani stones in Los Angeles! If you would like to contribute, please visit the FundRazr page for this project. Thank you!

Welcome to the Rochester workshop. Make sure you all signed your NDA and that your cell phones are turned off. You are free to take hand-written notes but don’t share the notes with those who are not open to receiving such information.

Since we all came from different energetic environments, we need to align our energy fields with a short meditation.

Breathe white light into your physical body and breathe out any toxins from it.

Then, Breathe white light in and radiate white light outwards in all directions when you breathe out. Do this from your physical body. 

Repeat the above steps for your plasma, etheric, astral (emotional), mental bodies. Finally, repeat the above steps for the totality of your being. 

Now we realize that I AM a being of Light. We confirm this fact by chanting the sacred mantra ‘OM’ three times together. 

In this group, we all are beings of light and connected together as a being of light. WE ARE a being of light. We confirm this fact by chanting the sacred mantra ‘OM’ three times together. 

We are connected to other beings of light everywhere. We are confirming the fact by saying the sacred word OM (chant OM 3 times).

Now we are ready to begin the workshop.

This solar eclipse is an intersection in space and time leylines.

Rochester was chosen for this workshop because it sits at the intersection of:

  1. Path of totality of the total solar eclipse, and

  2. The Old Atlantean Equator/Goddess Equator

The eclipse will activate the energy of the New Atlantis right here and now today.

The partial eclipse will start at 2 pm and end at 4:40 pm. Totality will be at 3:20 pm and last for about 3.5 minutes. Totality is the most important moment. It will be a very intense experience and you could have strong spiritual realizations during it especially if you’re in the zone of totality.

We did a meditation to visualize clear skies for Rochester the moment of totality. We closed our eyes and breathed in brilliant white light. Then we all visualized a huge violet flame (hundreds of miles in diameter) rotating in anti-clockwise direction completely evaporating/removing all clouds above Rochester at the moment of totality. We did this for about 10 minutes, then we slowly opened our eyes.

Cobra said that totality is the moment of decision and is when the portal is open.

Question: There was an Earthquake in New Jersey a few days ago (on April 5 at around 10:30 am). What was this about?
Cobra: Something had cleared as a result of this Earthquake.

Cobra said that rays open your central channel. By practicing level 1 rays you can use this energy in your life, and by practicing level 2 rays you can heal others.

There was a question about the significance of the Rochester vortex. Cobra answered that Rochester is located on the old Goddess Equator (old Atlantean Equator). Rochester has huge potential to bring Goddess energy to the planet. People can start doing energy work here.

Question about Area 51 being called “Dreamland”. Cobra answered that Dreamland is a codename for underground bases in the Southwest part of the US.

There was another question about the Earthquake in NYC on April 5, about whether this was related to the movement of the tectonic plates. Cobra answered that the energy field in the NYC area was quite dense.

Question about Reiki. Cobra answered that Reiki is an ancient Japanese system. The end result of Reiki and Cobra’s ray initiations is similar. However the approach is different. Cobra’s ray initiations were given to him by Metatron. Later on, Cobra answered that Yoga is also another form of energy work.

Cobra said that the Pleiadians have instructed him to build tachyon chambers. Tachyons are subatomic particles which travel faster than Light. They are the first matter created after the creation of the Universe. The Dark Forces have a veil which surrounds the Earth. This veil is present in the ionosphere and it absorbs tachyons and prevents them from reaching the surface of the Earth. Tachyon energy is needed for harmony and balance. People are free to buy Tachyon products from Cobra during the break.

The New Atlantis that we are seeking to create here in the United States will be the third phase of Atlantis. The first Atlantis was in the Pleiades star system. It was the first attempt to build a harmonious civilization of Light. It was very beautiful but it unfortunately exploded when the Pleiadians tried to move it from the etheric plane to the physical plane. The second Atlantis was an island in the Atlantic ocean. A powerful and harmonious civilization was built there. The Dark Forces infiltrated the second Atlantis in its later stages. This led to the quarantine situation that we’re in right now. There was experimentation with natural forces and experimentation with implants.This led to disbalance, leading to the whole island getting submerged.

The third Atlantis will be a rebirth of the positive civilization of Light that existed during the second Atlantis. The third Atlantis is a project of Saint Germain. Saint Germain has been working on this project for many lifetimes. For example, in his incarnation as Francis Bacon, he wrote a book called “New Atlantis”. This book contained his vision for recreating Atlantis, but was of course adjusted to the concepts of the people of that time. In his most famous incarnation as the Compte de Saint Germain (Count of Saint Germain), he was active in bridging France and the United States together. He played a major role in the creation of the United States. He intended the United States to be a place where people were free to grow and explore their spirituality so that they could eventually build a new civilization of Light. Saint Germain had many friends and many people were supporting him. There were many people following his instructions in the Masonic lodges in the 18th century. The Masonic lodges in the 18th century were not like the Masonic lodges of today, they were much more of the Light. There was much communication between the people in France and the US thanks to the Masonic lodges. This related to the movement for US independence from the British, which the French were supportive of. The Constitution of the US was also created by the people from the Masonic lodges.

In the 20th century there was partial success in the US as regards people’s spiritual growth. There was lots of awakening in the US. The US could have been the trigger point of the New Atlantis in the first half of the 20th century or in the 1980s and 1990s with the New Age movement. The Light Forces were preparing the vortexes in the Southwest of the US. Then in January 1996 there was the Archon invasion. The Dark Forces destroyed those vortexes. This abruptly halted the awakening/Ascension process of humanity. There has been no real Light on the surface of the planet since then. The New Atlantis project had to be put on hold for the last 3 decades. The last 3 decades have had an intense battle between Light and Dark, and we are now in the final stages of this battle. There were significant breakthroughs last week. In the afternoon of April 3, the Light Forces managed to anchor Light on the physical plane in Sedona for the first time in the last 2 decades. This was a huge achievement. (*applause from the crowd*). At the exact same time, the Statue of Liberty was seen to be struck by Lightning exactly at its torch. This was due to a plasma discharge, and it activated the archetype of the Victory of the Light.

The Earthquake in NYC/NJ on April 5 was the start of a very intense purification process. It was clearing whatever needed to be cleared in NYC/NJ before the Eclipse.

The solar Eclipse will be the point of activation of the New Atlantis. We are going to be pressing the play button again on the New Atlantis project. The original program of the New Atlantis will be reactivated today (i.e. on April 8).

Cobra said that those who thought they had experienced an awakening had not actually experienced a real awakening yet. Such people were just becoming aware to a degree, but true awakening can only take place when real Light is present. Real awakening is going to become possible again, and the Light Forces will assist everyone who wants to be a part of this. 

The new civilization of Light will be manifested after the Event.

The Old Atlantis/2nd Atlantis (which was present in the Atlantic ocean) had many healing temples. It was a civilization where technology and nature co-existed in harmony. All people were following their inner guidance. There was no conflict, no competition, no exploitation. Now we need to build that version of Atlantis inside our minds before it can manifest in the outside world.

We did an exercise to take a pen and paper and write an essay with the title of ‘New Atlantis’. Each person was asked to write an essay of at least 1 page. We were given about 10 minutes to do so.

Some people shared what they had written. Examples included:

  • In my New Atlantis there is free will, harmony, and love for all nature.

  • There is no suffering, everyone works to help others, there is no harm to sentient beings, no toxins/poisons in food. We are all fully powered human beings and we live in harmony with the sun.

  • The Dark Forces are gone. People are fully aware of who they are. There is Goddess energy in every man and woman and sexual energy as well. There are no distorted buildings. There is beautiful architecture everywhere. People are aware of all their past lives. There is no illness.

  • In my New Atlantis there is advanced technology and it is part of our daily lives. Soul mates and twin flames are also everywhere. People are allowed to exist in the physical plane for as long as they want. There is no means for darkness to ever exist again.

  • My New Atlantis is beautiful. It is lush green. There is dance and music everywhere and there are Angels and architecture which have higher order & structure. There is abundance for all. People have the wisdom to create that which is of their highest purpose. There are no soul sucking schools, no government/regulations. There are lovers and lovers and lovers everywhere. There is a golden sun and a rainbow.

  • In my New Atlantis there are crystals everywhere. There is no congestion. There is space for everyone and ample nutrition for everyone. People are unafraid of others. There is unconditional love of Source and everyone feels safe and loved. There is peace everywhere. People are free to grow & evolve. There is telepathy and people are aware of the process of manifestation. People exist in a state of oneness and unity. There is much better health and so people live for much longer. Everyone has memories of their past lives. There is lots of wisdom & grace, and everyone is at ease with each other. Everyone is loved. The leaders support us. There is a lot of creativity and freedom to be creative. There is contact with people from other planets and we are all part of the galactic community.

  • In my New Atlantis technology and nature exist peacefully. The energy is peaceful and people love being in the heat. There are enlightened beings. The newborns show us that the Light is here. The population is managed to not be too much. There is ample space. The dense urban environments are replaced with vibrant ecosystems. The animals of prey are not fed violent food. People feel one with the environment. There is a lot of divine feminine energy and pure Goddess energy for perpetuity. There is clean energy. There are various levels of consciousness existing. There are lush fields. The mechanics of life are figured out, and people live a healthy life and die a healthy death.

Meditation for the New Atlantis

Cobra then made us do a meditation to feel the energy of the New Atlantis here and now.  You can go into a meditative state and call upon your Higher Self and Saint Germain. Then you can imagine that you are in the New Atlantis. Think about your ordinary day in the New Atlantis in vivid detail. Think about what you do right after you wake up until what you do till the end of the day. See and feel every detail of that day. Do this for a few minutes. Then keep this vision in you, it will stay anchored in you. Then open your eyes when you are ready.

We did this meditation and then a few people shared their experiences-

  • One person said that their mind is not ready. They don’t feel confident enough to manifest such a day. Felt like a conflict.

  • Someone said that they were in Hawaii in a beautiful house. Everything was aligned. They were in nature. Then they were in a Redwood forest in the US West coast. Then they teleported to Europe where they met people and had a spiritual talk. Then they went off-world where they felt a deep sense of peace. They felt normal and peaceful there. Then they came back to Earth.

  • Another person was swimming with dolphins in bodies of water in urban centers. They were having a discussion about whether to incarnate as a human or an animal. They felt like they had supportive relationships, and they were bringing new humans into existence.

Cobra said that we can use this meditation regularly. It will anchor the energy of the New Atlantis in your physical, etheric, plasma, emotional and mental bodies. By doing this meditation for a few minutes we will bring the energy of the New Atlantis into the here and now.


Question: What is the status of the quarantine? Cobra answered that it is still the same.

Question about the continuum hypothesis. There are two types of infinities: countable infinities and uncountable infinities. There is also a middle infinity, whose existence cannot be proved or disproved. Cobra said that there might be some flaw in the current understanding, and a proof will be given at a certain point.

The author asked a follow-up question about the quarantine. In Phoenix, the author saw 14 stars slowly move up and down and from side to side with the same speed and direction. The author is certain that these were not stars but spaceships. So the author asked- how can the quarantine situation be said to be the same? Cobra answered that maybe something is not the same regarding the quarantine.

Question about floods at the end of the 19th century which led to the destruction of Tartaria. Cobra answered that most of the information about Tartaria is false. The Russian scientists have a different historical timeline. 

Question about the 5 comets that were scheduled during the total solar eclipse. Cobra answered that these comets are not converging.

Question about Physical First Contact. Cobra said we are getting much closer to physical contact. 

Question about life before 1996. The person said that they can’t remember life before 1996 being amazing and were wondering if their mind was altered. Cobra answered that it depends on an individual’s life path as to whether life pre 1996 was amazing for them or not. He also said that people have forgotten how life was back then.

Question about which star races will be part of the New Atlantis. Cobra answered that there will be Sirians, Pleiadians, Aldebarans, Andromedans.

Question about where Cobra gets his information from. Cobra said this cannot be answered.

Question about Cobra saying that the Solar Eclipse and the US election were the two most important events this year. Cobra answered that what’s important as regards the election is to not get involved in the polarization. We should focus on just anchoring Light. Whatever is supposed to happen in the election will happen.

Question relating to getting more information about Saint Germain. Cobra said that Saint Germain is a being of Light who has incarnated on Earth many times. His most famous incarnation was in the 18th century in France where he was part of the French nobility. He has been intensely working to bring about a new age for this planet. 

Question about P Diddy. He was raided, and he is in the news due to human trafficking and child sacrifice. Cobra answered that the music industry is just starting to be exposed, this is just the beginning.

Question about where the Dragon ley lines are, outside of Japan. Cobra answered that they are in China, Japan, Thailand.

Question about how to connect with the positive Draco’s. Cobra answered that not all Draco’s are negative, especially those Draco’s from the Thuban star system. Cobra said that Jade is the stone that can be used to connect with the Dragon energy.

Question about Group Theory and the Voice of God. 196,883 is the smallest dimension of a Euclidean space that has the largest sporadic simple group (the monster group) as a subgroup of its symmetries. Mathematicians consider it to be extremely beautiful because of its symmetries. Question about recommending to connect with this object. Cobra jokingly answered “if you can imagine it”.

Question about staring directly at the Sun. Cobra said do not stare at the Sun for long periods of time. There is a movement called Sungazing at sunset. This is recommended because the UV rays of the sun are less powerful during sunset (and sunrise). The eclipse glasses said not to stare at the sun even with glasses on for more than 4 minutes at a time. 

Question about Ripple being a part of the new quantum financial system. Cobra said that Ripple will not be part of the new financial system. The Resistance Movement is not going to use it because it has been compromised. There is no known cryptocurrency that will be part of the new quantum financial system. Cobra said you can collect Bitcoin if you want.

Question about Gold, Cobra said yes you can collect Gold.

Question about backdrop people mentioned by Dolores Cannon. Cobra said there are very few people like this, they are very rare

Question about Antarctica. Cobra answered that there are ruins of ancient races there. Antarctica wasn’t always filled with ice. It used to be much smaller. Beneath that ice there is a lot of real disclosure. Lots will be released when the time is right. There are ET artifacts from past civilizations.

Question about the appearance of Aldebarans. Cobra said that they are humanoid. They are slightly larger than surface humans. They are a little more robust and have little more masculine features.

Question about Confucius. Cobra answered that he is an Ascended Master and that he is mainly involved in mainland China.

End of Q&A

It is important at this time to bring back the memory of Atlantis. So we are going to sing some mantras together which are from the time of Atlantis.

Tu lay ayy ayyy (improved pronunciation on May 16, 2024)

We were asked to form small circles (at least 3 people in a circle). Once we had formed these circles, we were asked to raise our hands up until about shoulder level. All people’s hands should almost be touching i.e. the circle needs to be tight. Then we sang this mantra together for a few minutes out loud. Then people were asked to share their experiences.

  • One person felt their voice getting clearer and clearer. They felt like whatever we were creating in the room was flowing through her. It cleared that person’s residual debris

  • One person noted how quickly the energy in the room unified

  • Another person felt like their hands were heavy, and in the last minute of singing the mantra they felt very warm wind blowing through them

  • One person couldn’t stop quivering and shaking and trembling

  • One person felt a lot of Goddess Energy. They felt like they were holding something in their hand till the end of the mantra recitation

  • One person felt like we were all weaving together like a flower of life

  • The author personally felt like he was reconnecting with a long lost energy. Him and others in his circle started to cry while singing the mantra

Cobra said that this mantra was 200,000 years old. It is the mantra of the Old Atlantis. The name of the Old Atlantis was ‘Tulant Lapalan’ and Tu Lay is a short form for this. By singing this mantra together in groups we can amplify its energy multifold. Cobra recommended us to practice this mantra during the short breaks and during the lunch break. We can also use this mantra to activate vortexes of Light by doing this protocol at the location of the vortex.

Then we had a short break. After this break we were asked to close our eyes and to breathe in brilliant white light and breathe out brilliant white light. And then we could slowly open our eyes.

Question about Dragon ley lines in North and South America. Cobra answered that these are very ancient ley lines which were created even before dragon ley lines. Cobra said that it was not time yet to activate them. Their activation would be super powerful. They can be activated by planting Galactic Cintamani or Ordinary Cintamani stones near them.

Question about Moldavites being used in Atlantis. Cobra said that Moldavite stones are connected with the Pleiadians. Atlantis was a very Pleiadian society. There were little Moldavite stones of over 25,000 years in age found in excavations such as Venus of Willendorf. Moldavite and Libyan Desert Glass was also being used in the altars in Goddess temples. Cobra said that native Americans also used star stones to make spearheads and other objects of power. An audience member brought up ‘White Moldavites’ which are completely clear in color. Cobra said to send samples of them.

Cobra answered that on April 3 the Light descended into the physical plane through all the layers of the quarantine. The lightning strike on the statue of Liberty was part of the same process.

Cobra said that we are activating the New Atlantis now. Nothing can disrupt this anymore.

Cobra answered that the best way to connect with the Statue of Liberty is to plant a Galactic Cintamani stone there (author's note: this is already done).

The author asked Cobra about whether this would be the end of darkness forever, once the Event happens. Cobra answered that this will indeed be the end of darkness forever everywhere. There was applause in the crowd.

Someone asked a question about what we should do at the moment of the solar eclipse. Cobra said to use your inner guidance. He also said there will be a mass meditation at 2:18 pm which we could do if we felt guided.

Cobra said we will be given a lunch break till 4:30 pm so that we could work with the energies of the eclipse. 

Someone asked what they should do if they invented a free energy device. Cobra said that the inventors of such devices are still not completely safe, from his personal experience. If you have a working prototype of a free energy device, you can contact Cobra at

Cobra answered that the war between Light and Dark is not over yet, but we are in the final phase of it. After the Event, Dark energy will be completely dissolved and transmuted.

Cobra answered to purely use your inner guidance when it comes to taking supplements such as Ormus and atomic gold.

At the moment of totality we can expect to see the corona of the sun, as well as solar flares. It will be almost like night. The energy will be extremely powerful, so powerful that maybe 'we are not ready yet' for it. Only good can come from this eclipse. There has been a huge amount of disinformation, for example saying that chemtrails will be sprayed on us during the eclipse. Other disinformation included saying things like people should go under the table during the eclipse and not go outside. Cobra said that anyone looking at the sun during the eclipse should not look at it directly, but rather use solar glasses. The moment of totality will energetically be a very intensely positive moment. During this moment we can make huge life decisions. We can begin new manifestation and creativity cycles. We can start a cycle to manifest the New Atlantis.

Cobra then gave us a mantra that we can recite in order to unite different parts of ourselves and heal our inner child. The mantra went like this-

Tria Cho Ra Ko Fa Ro (improved pronunciation on May 16, 2024)

We recited this mantra out loud for a few minutes. Then people shared their experiences-

  • One person felt like it was very grounding

  • Another person felt like a baby opening up its limbs. Cobra said that this mantra can open the heart chakra and activate the inner child

Then Cobra gave us a mantra that can be used to invoke the energy of Source-

Yō Dā 

HaYō Hā 

Wo-ay Yā

HaYō Hā

(improved pronunciation on May 16, 2024)

We recited this mantra out loud for a few minutes.

Cobra said that at 3:20 pm (i.e. at the moment of totality) we should make a decision for our lives and for the planet. This was the end of the workshop.


    NOTES ATELIER "Nouvelle Atlantide" ROCHESTER 8 avril 2024

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